Host an End-of-Summer Party

images (1)Summer is fading faster than we can keep up and the start of school is just a breath away. In many areas school starts as early as next week. If these are our last days of summer let’s make them truly memorable and fun days. Here’s a chance to have one last hoorah and give the kids and ourselves another warm, happy memory from this summer to cherish long into the busy school year.


Now is the time to host an end-of-summer party for your children and their friends. If you live in the “lucky house” that has the pool and the big yard then your place is perfect for this casual get together. But, if no one has that kind of space, take the party to a park, or better yet, to a beach or public pool. The goal of an end-of-summer party is to relax and soak up as much sunshine as possible, so swimming, running through sprinklers and other outdoor activities are just what’s called for. You can organize some fun outdoor games for the kids to play and even give out small prizes in the form of school supplies that can help the kids feel at least a little bit excited for school to start. Top off the day with a barbecue and toast to another wonderful summer that has come and gone too fast.


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  2. I like this idea

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