Host an Indoor Scavenger Hunt for the Kids

images (2)The next time you and the kids are going a little stir crazy, and they’re under your feet at home on a rainy day, why not host a scavenger hunt inside the house. With a little forethought and planning, you can create a fun adventure for all of your kids, no matter what their ages, and you can do it without spending any money or making too much of a mess. All you need is some imagination, some props from around the house and the time to hide some items and create some fun clues.

For small children who can’t yet read, make it a picture-based scavenger hunt. Hide some items such as one of their stuffed animals, a small baggie filled with cereal, a rock or leaf from outside, really anything small enough to hide and light enough for your children to carry. Before you hide the items, take a picture of each one and keep the pictures on your phone or camera, or print them out on paper. Show your small children the picture of each item and send them off in the house to find that item. If these are very small children, hide the items in locations that are easy to find. For older kids you can get more complicated with your clues. You can hide items very well and then write down clues that lead to other clues, drawing out the search. Allow the kids to think with clues such as “look where the dirt disappears” and this may lead them to the washing machine or the shower. You can even include a small treat for each child at the end of the game, like a new toy or a small gift card.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————
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  1. Rita Johnson says:

    My mom always had these awesome, elaborate scavenger hunts for me and my brothers and sister. It was a tradition in our house! I think it was really great for our problem-solving skills to. I should really find the time to keep the tradition alive.

  2. this sounds like one of those great brain-building exercises that parents can do at home to keep their kiddies on there toes

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