Independence Day DIY Fun

Independence Day is quickly approaching. I enjoy doing arts and crafts, especially to celebrate the upcoming holidays! If you are looking to entertain your children and teach them the history of Independence Day, here are a few DIY crafts that can help you do just that!

Everyone loves rice crispy treats, especially if they are red, white, and blue

rice crispys

“F” is for flag, and fireworks

f is for









Hot day? Cool down with a Popsicle, then put the sticks to good use

popcicle sticks








Celebrate with homemade pom-poms












Handcrafted flags, literally








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  1. I absolutely love the rocket pops idea!!

  2. Laura Rivera says:

    We are going to be having a 4th of July party next weekend, I will have my kids make some of these!

  3. those rice crispy treats will be great at our picnic

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