Is It Time for a Visit From the Binky Fairy?

download (1)Whatever you and your baby call her pacifier – binky, paci, nuk nuk, what have you, there is one thing you will most certainly call it after a certain point – a pain in the butt. I heard a friend put it very well recently when she said “My son is speaking to me in complete, very coherent sentences. The only thing keeping me from understanding him perfectly is the fact that he is saying them from behind his binky. That’s how I know it’s time for it to go.” But many parents will tell you, getting rid of the pacifier can be a whole lot easier said than done. In fact, next to potty training, the battle over the binky can be one of the toughest parts of growing up for baby.


If you’re one of the parents who has decided that it’s time to bid adieu to the paci, you might want to do what so many other parents have done and enlist the help of the Binky Fairy. This ingenious idea, which is catching on in much the same way that the Tooth Fairy did, is a great way to get your child to part with her binkies so they can “go to other babies who need them.” The Binky Fairy, or whatever name you want to use, works the same way as the Tooth Fairy. You explain to your child that the Binky Fairy is going to visit because your child is growing up and it’s time for her binkies to go to other babies who are being born and who need them. Then, while she is sleeping, the Binky Fairy comes and takes all of her binkies away, leaving her a note in their place. In the note the Binky Fairy thanks her for giving her binkies to other babies. The Binky Fairy can also leave some gifts, and there are even books to help get used to the idea, such as “The Binky Fairy” or “The Paci Fairy.” Just don’t wait too long between introducing the idea and following through with it, best to rip off the Band-aid. There will likely be tears and maybe some anger, but it won’t be directed at Mom and Dad.

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  1. Nga Kieffer says:

    When a child is used to a pacifier, it is very difficult for him/her to stop using it.

  2. we had the hardest time with this

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