Is Your Child Scared of Halloween?

download (5)Halloween is a very exciting time for kids, between dressing up and acting goofy and receiving bags full of candy for simply wandering around the neighborhood, there is pretty much no better holiday out there for a kid. But, there is another side to Halloween that some parents need to think about. All of the decorations, movies, characters and other trappings surrounding this spookiest of holidays can be a little bit much for certain kids. So, how exactly should you handle it if you have a little one who is scared of Halloween? Well, every child is different and as parents we need to find what works best for our individual kids.


I remember my older sister always being the bold and fearless one when we were kids while I was the one who WANTED to be brave and unafraid, but the truth was that just wasn’t me. So, I would rush right up to go the haunted house with everyone else and stop in my tracks once I got there. If that sounds like your child the very best thing you can do is support their wishes and find some less scary ways for them to celebrate the holiday. Telling your child “there’s nothing to be afraid of” or “that monster isn’t real, it’s just a costume” doesn’t go far with very little children. To them the monster standing in front of them most certainly is real, and you’re better off removing them from the situation than trying to reason them through it. That approach is better served with slightly older kids who can rationalize what’s real and what’s not. Instead, focus on the fun and cute costumes and cartoony movies instead of things with scary elements, even if they’re aimed at children.

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