July Mommy Blogger of the Month


The Mommy Hot Spot Mommy Blogger of the Month for July is Eschelle with Mumfection! Eschelle is a mother of two mischievous boys. According to her blog, Eschelle has used blogging as an outlet for rediscovering herself and connecting with other parents. Through her blog, she’s made lasting and unforgettable connections while opening up a world of opportunity for herself and her family.

What Is Mumfection?

Through her blog, Eschelle learned that just like her, no one is perfect! She coined the term Mumfection to remind moms everywhere that we’re all only human. As much as we can try, we can’t be perfectly perfect. The beauty of Mumfection is that it means something different to every mom and family.

The lesson: we’re all perfect to our families in our own ways, just like our families are perfect to us! Mumfection is something that we should all take to heart in our daily struggles and triumphs, as we realize that being us is all we need to be.

“The Mother I Strive to Be” E-book

Eschelle has been published in an e-book called “The Mother I Strive to Be.” In this e-book, Eschelle discusses her definition of motherhood, along with her goals for herself and her family. Eschelle discusses the need for us to stop being hung up on being perfect, and be the best parents we can be. It’s important not to over-think it or try to compete with other moms. She makes a great point that we need to stick together in parenthood and womanhood.

Eschelle, thank you for reminding us of how perfect we already are. We love reading your blog and the insight you have to share with us. Thanks for being a Mommy Hot Spot member!———————————————————————————————————————————————————————
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  1. Tara Rigby says:

    What a beautiful new word you’ve created!

  2. amy kiczur says:

    thanks eschelle! love your name btw :)

  3. Thanks so much guys!! :D

  4. Awesome! Go Eschelle :). It’s been such a long time. I hope all is well. I have missed you. Life has been crazy busy. I am sorry we lost touch. It was nice to find you over on here. I just joined!

    Great job!!!

    Hope things are well.

    God bless!

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