Make a Dress-up Bin That Will Provide Hours of Fun

downloadIf you’ve ever wandered into your bedroom and found your very best cocktail dress and most expensive pearls in a heap on the floor it may have hit you – kids love to play dress up. Playing dress up is not only a wonderful way to while away the hours on a rainy afternoon it’s also great for sparking your children’s imagination and sense of play. And that is a fantastic thing to foster in your kids in this world where playing often means video games and tangible devices that require little to no imagination.


If you want your kids to be able to really enjoy many afternoons spent playing dress up you should work together to create a dress up bin. Buy a large plastic storage bin with a lid that snaps tightly in place. If you buy a clear or white bin you can have lots of fun decorating the bin with paint or permanent markers. But the real fun is filling the dress up bin. Head out for a day of thrift store hunting and buy everything you can find that would make for fun games of dress up. Buy everything from old dresses and suits, to hats, glasses, costume jewelry and shoes. Buy anything you think the kids can use to dress up and play make believe. And as you accumulate Halloween costumes or any fun props over the years, toss them in the dress up bin for a rainy day. Your little cowgirl and astronaut will thank you the next time they’re bored.


  1. That’s such a cool idea!!

  2. zandrea jones says:

    my mom used to do this with me when i was a little girl :)

  3. How cute!

  4. What a great idea! A Dress-up Bin for my twins will be my next challenge this weekend!

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