Make Some Kool-Aid Easter Eggs

images (15)With Easter just a couple weeks away now is the perfect time to place some decorations around the house and get excited for a visit from the Easter Bunny. No Easter decorations are complete, of course, without colored eggs. Here is a fabulous egg coloring method If you don’t have any food coloring and you don’t want to use dye tablets and smelly vinegar to create your colorful eggs. Did you know you can use Kool-Aid to dye Easter eggs? People use Kool-Aid to dye their hair and even yarn; it’s safe and the process is super fun and easy for you and your kids to do together.


Buy a wide range of Kool-Aid packets in various colors. Their colors coordinate with their flavors. Five packets of Kool-Aid will cost you about a dollar, so this is also a very economical project. Hard boil your eggs and let them cool while you prepare your dye. Simply place the contents of each Kool-Aid packet in its own small bowl with 2/3 a cup of water. Because Kool-Aid has citric acid in it, there’s no need to use stinky vinegar. Many of the Kool-Aid flavors make vibrant colors on their own: cherry is a great red, orange is orange (obviously), lemon lime is green and berry blue is blue. Others may need some mixing to achieve good results. Lemonade is too light to make yellow on its own, so you need to mix some orange Kool-Aid powder in with the lemonade powder. Experiment to find the colors you want. At around a quarter a packet, it’s no big loss to dump out a bowl and start again. Your kids will just love this project and your kitchen will smell fruity and wonderful!———————————————————————————————————————————————————————
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  1. oh nice i didn’t even know you could do this

  2. Lovely! We’ll do it this Saturday!

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