Making Some Homemade Counting Cards

download (8)Whether you’re helping your child prepare for preschool or kindergarten, or you simply want to spend some time at home working with your little one to help them learn numbers and letters, there is no doubt that the right materials can make all the difference. Getting your young child excited about learning is all about being able to engage them with tools they can understand and use easily. Without too much effort at all you can make a set of counting cards right on your computer and use them to help your child learn to count like a pro.


On your computer, lay out the design you want for each counting card. A great idea is to print and spell the number on the top half of the card and then place shapes on the bottom that coordinate to the number (Three triangles for three, etc.) Your child can use Legos, dried beans or any item you’d like to place on the shapes as they learn to count. This way your child learns what that amount actually looks in a quantity as opposed to simply memorizing their numbers without comprehending what they mean. Finally, on the back of the card, print a couple rows of the number 3 in dotted lines so your child can draw the number many times to practice. Print out the cards and take them to be laminated (or better yet, invest in a laminator, you’ll love it!) so you and your child can make counting a breeze.


  1. Really cool idea

  2. i want to do this, but i think ill just have my son draw the pictures and just help him.

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