Making Your New Home Kid-Friendly After Divorce

imagesWhen happily ever after doesn’t turn out that way and a couple splits up it is an extremely difficult time for every member of the family. The children especially need continued stability and they need to know that their lives and routines are going to change as little as possible. When there are suddenly two homes in the picture and the kids are splitting their time between mom and dad’s house, it’s important that both of those houses feel like home.


If you find yourself in a situation of setting up a new home, Dad, try to involve your kids as much as possible in the decision making, assuming they’re old enough. Take them with you to look at houses or apartments; let them choose colors and décor for their bedrooms. Decorate your home with furniture that will make your kids feel comfortable in this new home, whether they’re spending half their time there or only a weekend or two a month. Make sure your kids leave clothes at your house in their bedroom closets so they don’t show up for each visit with a suitcase; that will make them feel as though they “live” with mom and “visit” Dad, even if you split time evenly. You and your ex might want to double up on favorite toys, dolls or other supplies your kids love and need so they never have to worry about forgetting it or leaving it at mom or dad’s house.


  1. I have to disagree with leaving clothes. Kids grow too fast, and it really sucks when you realize that the clothes you have for your daughter in the closet that she still has never worn are now too small for her.

  2. This is a tough situation, I would be lost

  3. That picture is adorable!

  4. thanks for the advice!

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