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Angela Keck: Writer Mom

Angela Keck is thrilled to have turned her passion for online communities into an amazing career. Blogging is a natural extension of her two loves, social media and writing. You can find her blogging about social media, parenting, photography, recipes, and whatever else sparks her fancy at Writer Mom’s Blog. When her daughter was an infant, Angela realized she could not teach her children to chase their dreams if she had given up on her own! So she dusted off her muse and wrote, and wrote! Now she proudly writes between chauffeuring her two children to their activities so they can also chase their dreams. Angela and the love of her life are happily raising their two children, a German shepherd, and one very fat cat in Southern Illinois.

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Meredith Napolitano: From Meredith to Mommy

Meredith is a mother of two living in CT.  In her former life she was an elementary music teacher. These days, she’s mommy to two little girls, who are, undoubtedly, the cutest, sweetest, smartest girls in the world.  She began blogging in July of 2012 when she realized that she was monopolizing every conversation with her stories and anecdotes. She can be funny, serious, reflective and silly, but is always true to herself and her family. Meredith has had her writing featured on Circle of Moms, Scary Mommy and the Huffington Post.

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Heather Campbell: Our Magical Chaos

Heather Campbell is an [upper] twenty-something year old mom of three bright and feisty daughters. Her story begins back nearly a decade ago when she fell in love with her best friend and high school sweetheart. She writes on life experiences which include a wide variety of things like infertility, pregnancy loss, NICU stays, multiples birth, post-partum depression, natural parenting and preschool days. She wrangles kids, laundry, and meals by day and do freelance writing and blogging by night. She is also a runner, reader, and volunteer. Their story is magical. Their life is chaos.

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Kristen King: kristenione

Kristen King is a full-time working wife and mother to a busy toddler boy. She is a blogger at where she writes about her family, recipes, photography, and attempts at healthy living.  By day, Kristen manages an office at a busy surgical practice.  She possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Studies as well as a Master of Arts in International Studies. She lives in a small town in North Carolina where her and her husband are currently fixing up a house built in 1905.  Kristen is excited to connect with and inspire other moms at Mommy Hot Spot!

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Jodi Flaherty: The Noise of Boys

Jodi Flaherty is a blogger at The noise of boys since March of 2013.  Happily married to Chuck for 10 years and stay-at-home mom to Hayden (3) and Henry (1).  She stumbled in to the blogging through following giveaways and an established blogger friend.  Her career background is in travel management, marketing and real estate. Past blog posts include infertility, IVF, endometriosis, preeclampsia and having a mildly sensory sensitive toddler.  She most enjoy reviews that allow her to combine her boys and blogging!  She loves using humor and recording the everyday hilarity of raising two boy toddlers!  Currently, she co-hosts a weekly series called “True Tales from the Pink and Blue Trenches”.

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Leah Messina:

Leah is a New Yorker currently living in the southwest, and still in awe of things like roadrunners, tumbleweeds, and coyotes, even after two years. She is the mom to a 2-year-old (who thinks he is 10), wife to a scientist (who is working on finding cures to mean diseases), and business owner since the age of 24. She loves technology, books, travel, design, and experimenting with all things digital. She looks forward to blogging about where family life and business meet, mesh, and clash; raising a child far from family; and running a business while raising a child.

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Dana Hemelt: Kiss My List

Dana is using her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology to stay at home and raise two brilliant and well adjusted children. She’s the next great novelist, stand up comic, fashionista, and interior decorator all trapped in the body and life of a suburban mom. And least that’s how she’s sees it in her head. Never without a project, Dana started her blog, Kiss my List, as a way to channel her slightly obsessive energy. It’s a variety show of sorts – like the Donny and Marie Show without the sparkly purple socks.

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Angela Williams Glenn:

Time with A & N

Angela is a working mom with a two and four year old daughter. Her  experience of a decade in the high school classroom not only influences her own parenting but what she writes about parenting as well. As a working mom her writing focuses on the struggles that come with the balance of motherhood. Be sure to look for her upcoming book that examines not only the struggle of the balance of motherhood today but how the choice and arguments to be a stay at home mom or working mom, along with social media and the media influenced mommy wars, shapes women’s perception and expectations of themselves as mothers.

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Elise Edwards: Luxe Angeles Mom

Elise Edwards began her career as an award-winning writer, producer, anchor and reporter for CNN in Atlanta.  After 7 years, she moved to New York where she wrote for Fox News and Banyan Productions, managed a corporate TV studio and served as a corporate spokesperson for the Jack Morton Company. In 2006, Edwards relocated to Los Angeles and oversaw a team of Writer/Producers as Supervising Producer of E! Networks, “The Daily 10.”  Currently, as the mother of two, Edwards manages her personal blog,, contributes to popular websites and major publications and attempts daily to be the best mom she can be.

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Nicole Sanford: Organic Sunshine

Nicole is a wife and mother of two beautiful boys and an amazing teenage step-son. She and her husband Mark started because they have a love of gardening and healthy living. Nicole admits that she is not a professional gardener, chef or craft-designer. She is just a regular mom who has learned a few life lessons that led her to gardening, crafting, cooking and blogging. So, here we are!

Nicole writes educational and informative articles and creates unique recipes and crafts to share on She is always on the lookout for new gardening methods and techniques, new recipes, kitchen aids and craft designs. She loves trying new products and giving realistic feedback about what works, and what’s a waste of time. She wants to share successes in the garden, in the kitchen and in everyday life with her followers.

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Rebecca Gaunt: Mixed Up Mommy

Rebecca Gaunt taught elementary school for seven years. Her son was born in March 2012 and immediately diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis complex, an incurable genetic disorder that causes benign tumors to grow on the organs. She now writes at home along with caring for her son who is a happy and active little boy despite his developmental delays. Rebecca is also the chair of the Atlanta/North Georgia Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance and travels to Washington D.C. annually to help secure funding for TSC research.

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Stephanie Davies-Arai: Communicating with Kids

Stephanie is a mother of three boys and a girl aged between fourteen and twenty-two, an accredited instructor of both Parent and Teacher Effectiveness Training and  a founder of a successful small school where she worked for twelve years running courses for teachers and parents, as well as working with the children in the playground and the classroom.

From her experience and research she devised her own programme of communication skills ‘Communicating with Kids’ to help parents gain more confidence and trust in themselves and their kids because she thinks parenting should be easier and more fun!

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Renita Cuccia: My Running Start

Renita is a 32 year old mother who has a new found passion in health and fitness. While most moms find themselves unable to continue their exercise regimen post baby, she actually started exercising after the birth of her son. Prior to her son, she dabbled in rock and ice climbing, hiking and bikram yoga. After her son, it was tougher to take the time to do those activities. She started taking her son on jogs in the jogging stroller and that led her to her first 5K, getting a Trainer and eventually CrossFit. Now, she goes to CrossFit a couple times a week, works out in her garage when she can’t go, runs occasionally and eats clean.

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Mari Corona: Living in Mommywood

Mari Corona is fairly new to the blogging world. She started her blog, Living in Mommywood back in August 2013 in hopes of sharing a laid back approach to all things parenting related. Her career path is in Real Estate. She has a beautiful eighteen year old daughter named Erica who is a freshman in college. Her passions are reading, writing, yoga, meditation and laughing. She believes in stress free living and using any and all tools to achieve that goal. Live Love Laugh is her motto.

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Bekah Jorgensen: Motherhood Moment

Bekah is a work-at-home-mom of two daughters (born in 2007 and 2009). She blogs, teaches math and German online, homeschools, and works as a freelance musician. Her interests include eco-friendly living, travel, faith and spirituality, and finding work/life balance. She loves to make instead of buy anything she can and teach her daughters and others tips and tricks she’s learned along the way. Her blog contains tips and tricks on a variety of parenting topics, including saving money and time, meal and activity ideas, living green, discipline, product reviews, and more.

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Megan Elford: Welcome To The Zoo

Megan Elford is a WAHM who enjoys dabbling in her not-quite-lucrative-enough-to-be-a-real-business printing start-up, stalking her 3 children at school under the guise of “volunteering” and taking on DIY projects that exceed her skill set. She maintains a blog at Welcome To The and loves to write about her experiences with running her in-home daycare, the crazy genius things her kids teach her, and all of the steps that she and her husband are taking to expand their family through domestic adoption. You can find her lurking on Facebook and trying to figure out how to tweet on Twitter.

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Megan Ballard: The Fashionista Momma

Megan is a stay at home mom to two beautiful girls and a student at Fashion Institute of Technology. She loves to run, and practices yoga to keep her grounded and healthy. She finds joy in shopping and finding bargains. She loves good food, good wine, good vodka, and a good book. Megan believes everyone deserves a chance to be great. Life is passion. Life is love. Life is good.

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Courtney Conover: The Brown Girl with Long Hair

Courtney Conover is an NFL football wife, stay-at-home mother of two under three, a certified yoga instructor, and a contributing writer to the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. She is a University of Michigan grad, who, in her life “BC” (Before Children), was a television reporter for a CBS affiliate. When she’s not cleaning up cold macaroni and cheese off the floor or tripping over Fisher-Price Little People, she writes about motherhood – and everything else – on her lifestyle blog, The Brown Girl with Long Hair.

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Marwa Farouq: Blossom Family

Marwa is the founder of Blossom Family and a specialist in family, youth development and parenting education. She has coached youth, parents& educators supporting healing & compassion in relationships. Marwa is a certified family & youth coach from the World Coach Institute. In addition she is also certified in youth counseling through the Institute of Counseling. She is an advocate of the Non-Violent Philosophy and has completed training in compassionate parenting (Parent Peer Leadership Program), with the NVC Academy. She is a writer for Thoughts that don’t Rhyme.

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Elizabeth Christy: The Potomac Falls Mama

Elizabeth Christy lives in Northern Virginia with her growing family.  Her writing is focused on the harsh and hilarious reality of working, parenting, and living with Autoimmune diesease.   Elizabeth suffers from a variety of chronic autoimmune diseases, which have added quite a bit of “color” to her life as a mother.  In addition to basic survival, she enjoys acting like a child, making people laugh, going on adventures with her son, sewing, crafts, social media, and playing piano.  In her not-so-spare time, she also works as an IT instructor.

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DeiDei Boltz: Sassy-Stylish-Studious Mom

DeiDeiBoltz holds a BA in English from Lebanon Valley College, an MA in English Education from Millersville University, a certificate in Media Science from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and a certificate in Children’s Literature and Writing from the Institute of Children’s Literature in Connecticut. DeiDei has been involved in public education for the past 18 years. She has instructed English grades 8 through 12, library science skills grades 3 through 5, computer science skills and internet safety strategies grades 3 through 5, and reading small group instruction grades 4 and 5. DeiDei is an avid reader and a lifelong learner. She is constantly striving to find new ways to reach the 21st century learners in her classes. Over the span of a week, she meets with all 580 students in the Intermediate School where she teaches library science skills and computer technology lessons. She is also a wife of 16 years and mother to 2 young daughters.

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Sharon Zuckerwar: Mommy Verbs

Sharon Zuckerwar is a mom, a wife, an educator, a health coach and a blogger in her free time. She’s busier than she needs to be but relishes in the life she attempts to create each day. She writes at where she says she is:

“Doing her own therapy on the cheap, as a tired working Momma, a newly tattooed and just turned 41 year old who enjoys writing about life with X and Y (the kiddos) and Fix-It Felix (the best friend/partner/hubby), while playing fast and loose with punctuation…engaging each day…one action word at a time.”

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Izzie Anderton: The World According to Izzie

Izzie Anderton is a freelance writer and author. She has featured on BBC Radio Four’s Woman’s Hour and volunteers as a teen mentor for a local charity. Izzie is married, with twin daughters and lives in Worcester (UK).

Since her daughters left home for college last year, Izzie has alternated between enjoying the peace and missing the chaos. She blogs about whatever’s on her mind at The World According to Izzie

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Chrissy K: StrongTots

Chrissy is the mother of two energetic toddlers and a passionate educator with experience in both public and private education.  She has worked with students preK-12 and advised schools on literacy curriculum and planning across all grade levels.  StrongTots is a passion for Chrissy and an effort to form a supportive parenting network grounded in research-based information.  With Master’s degrees in Literacy and Clinical Psychology, Chrissy is enjoying the opportunity to coach parents, foster the village we utilize when raising our children, and celebrate the adventures along the way.

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Ken Myers: GoNannies

Ken Myers is a father of three and the president and CEO of Longhorn Leads, a company dedicated to helping people find the right services for their families and homes. Longhorn Leads owns and operates a portfolio of home service related websites including

Ken drives the vision behind the company from selecting the sites they purchase and build to the partners they send traffic to. Ken partners with industry experts to provide relevant and accurate content that empowers individuals make educated and informed choices for their families and homes.

Prior to founding Longhorn Leads, Ken was the President of and the chief technology officer for Ken has a MBL from Upper Iowa University and multiple bachelor degrees from Grand View College.

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Kate Parlin: Shakespeare’s Mom

Kate Parlin is a freelance writer, a blogger, and a stay-at-home mom to three girls, two of whom are twins.  She also has a super husband and two not-very-super dogs.  She spends most of her time drinking coffee, cleaning up pee, checking to see if it’s an appropriate time to drink wine yet, feeding her children, and wearing pajamas.  Her favorite writers are Kate Atkinson, John Steinbeck, and Dr. Seuss.  She writes with honesty about all of her parenting experiences – the funny, the frustrating, and the infuriating – at her blog, Shakespeare’s Mom.  Follow her shenanigans on Facebook and Twitter!

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Alicia Mason: Baking and Babies

Alicia Mason is a twenty-something mama married to her high school sweetheart. After years of infertility left her searching for an outlet, she turned to baking; she could be creative AND eat her feelings. Now she bakes to celebrate (and cope with) motherhood after infertility, and to satisfy a raging sweet tooth.

However, she can’t always eat her weight in cupcakes. So when she’s not crawling around with her daughter or up to her elbows in flour, she’s learning all she can about being a mom. Whether that’s through blogging, reading, or chatting with other parents, she’s always on the lookout for new information. She also loves sharing what she learns in hopes that she can help someone else!

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Chef Steve Loeschner: Chef Steve

Chef Steve’s culinary journey started at a very young age. He remembers spending many afternoons watching some of the world’s greatest Chef’s like Julia Child and Jacques Pepin. His fascination inspired him to learn more about cooking by working in the kitchen with his Mother and Grandmothers. Through the American Personal and Private Chefs Association and Escoffier Culinary Academy, he was able to reinforce his culinary skills though formal training. His training and experience has allowed him to prepare delicious, healthy, meals for his clients.  He is also ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certified though the NH Lodging and Restaurant Association.

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Jessica Walker: Mom in Me

Jessica Walker is a silly mom of 6. Residing in Ca. she loves to laugh, read and just eat chocolate and drink milk.  She has been pregnant for 54 months of life. Jessica is a stay at home mom who believes that laughter cures all things!  Mothers play a large part in the future happiness of our world. Children who live in a home with a happy mother will be happy.  Although Jessica suffers from lack of sleep and dehydration among other things, she wouldn’t want it any other way. She loves all 6! She is all bout that mom-me Life!

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Sally G: Bungling Housewife

Sally is an anthropologist by training, a housewife by choice, a voracious reader, a First Time Mom, an observer of human nature, a closet optimist and a cupcake enthusiast. When she’s not busy being Mommy of the year (yeah right) or the perfect housewife (ha!) she spends her time blogging and tweeting about life as she knows it, about being a mom, the funny (and annoying) side of human nature, the glamorous life of a SAHM and everything in between.

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Sarah Harris: Live, Laugh, and Learn

As a Child Psychology major with a Master’s Degree in Teaching and five years of teaching kindergarten under her belt, Sarah thought she knew just about everything there was to know about little kids. Then she had her own, and the real education began. Thankfully, she is a lover of learning because her three children seem to keep changing the rules of the game. Coffee fuels her for busy days and, now that her littlest love is 2, she is finally able to finish that morning cup of coffee while it’s still hot….most days.

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Lisa: The Persnickety Mama

Perfection is next to impossible, but it doesn’t stop her from trying.

Wearing too many hats is a common occurrence for the Modern Mom; follow the Persnickety Mama’s quest to take on the world as a marketing specialist, raise a sweet, but increasingly curious son, and keep up a healthy relationship with her fella.

This busy Mom spends her home time whipping up gluten free meals, rocking out some DIY goodness and trying to tame her ever mounting must-watch & must-read list.

Visit her at for a working Mom’s view of the world with just a hint of sarcasm…

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Tasha Davies: It’s Better To Look Up

Tasha is a 24 year old wife, mother of one, and work from home Social Media Manager. She and her husband are British expats and ironically their daughter was born on 4th of July last year. Long before she spent her days changing nappies (aka diapers), and constantly singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, she lived a very different life- where she showered and wore make up daily- she is also a Marathon runner although she actually dislikes running. She also studied Speech Therapy at a University. See more at

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Kaylin Lindsey: Bombshell Wife Life

Kaylin is the author behind Bombshell Wife Life and resides in Northern Arizona.

She adores being married and staying at home to raise her daughter. Kaylin is passionate about blogging, food, and having fun adventures together as a family. Having lived in a big town her whole life and recently moving to a rural place, Kaylin is adjusting to a new way of life and loving every minute of it!

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Whitney Fleming: Playdates on Fridays

Whitney Fleming has 15 years of public relations and marketing experience, nearly a decade of parenting experience, and roughly 20 years of wine drinking experience. This makes her extremely qualified to write about her perspectives on family, parenting and just getting through this thing called life.

Currently, she manages, a blog inspired by her interaction with parents at her kids’ playdates. She also works with a variety of blogs and businesses to create quality content for social media and marketing campaigns. She can be reached at [email protected].

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Jordan Ensminger: Lessons from Being a Daddy

Jordan Ensminger is just an ever present and over-excited dad.  He has two incredibly sweet young boys, who never stop.  Ever. He is lucky to share life with his soul mate; one really cool super-mom!  All kinds of music (complete with singing and dancing), outdoor activities, books, movies, and watching children learn are all favorite pastimes.  Lessons are learned every day if you look for them.  Want to see what He’s finding out?  The kids are just too hilarious and Dad rocks too many socks to keep count.

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Prairie Wife: Prairie Wife in Heels

Prairie Wife is a city girl gone country, all for the love of a cowboy. Join this 30 something Wyoming mother of 4, as she walks through her prairie life in heels, and tries not to step in too many gopher holes along the way! She is learning how to be the best woman, wife, and mother she can, and sharing her lessons with you. Prairie Wife believes that a little bit of grace and a lot of grit and laughter are all you need to succeed in this amazing journey called life!

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Molley Mills photo

Molley Mills: A Mother Life

Molley is a True Blue Aussie living in Harlem, NYC. She arrived, kicking and screaming behind her eccentric, entrepreneurial, ADD, OCD husband, herding her small children along the way. In those 8 years, she’s adjusted, mostly, to the Great American Way but still thinks the parenting is weird. She writes at A Mother Life about her experiences of fitting in and not, navigating parenthood in a foreign system and the strangeness that happens within her own home daily, which is an endless source of amusement. She’s also a pet parent to Sir Lickalot, the brain damaged, one eyed, rescue dog and Sid Fishious the giant, helium filled clown fish. This year she’s reluctantly featuring in a reality show about it all! Jealous yet?

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Amy Bentley: Chattanooga Review

Amy Bentley was born and raised in Southern California and moved to Georgia in 2010 where she gave birth to her wonderful little boy in 2012. She enjoys spending time with her family and her dog as well as painting and is interested in history. Amy is fairly new to blogging but has a lot of experience as a writer. She hopes to share fun and free or inexpensive family activities as well as parenting tips and experience as well as product reviews.

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Lauren Byrne: A Guide to Surviving Surprise Parenthood

Lauren Byrne is a proud Newfoundlander presently living in a little town on the East Coast of the island. She got married at the tender age of 24 and she and her husband were on the “2-3 Year Plan” for kids. However, they got a big surprise eleven weeks after they tied the knot when they found out the “plan” was going to be significantly altered. They have now been married almost four years, their “surprise” little girl is almost 3, and they have a very planned little boy who arrived in October, 2013. Life is hilarious!

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Amanda van Mulligen: Expat Life with a Double Buggy

Amanda van Mulligen is a freelance writer. British born, she was whisked off to the Netherlands on a promise of a windmill wedding and now raises three sons with her Dutch husband. She writes about expat life, about living life in a second language and an alien culture, about all things parenting and on the topic of highly sensitive children over on her blog Expat Life with a Double Buggy.

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Andrew Pain: Impact Life

Andrew Pain works extensively as an accredited coach and trainer with large blue-chip companies, public sector organisations, small to mid-sized businesses, unemployed young people and parents. He is married with two daughters aged 12 and 9 and a bouncy 9 month-old son and is passionate about families, particularly when it comes to creating happy families. He doesn’t believe there’s anything else we face in life which delivers such overwhelming emotions as being a parent; fear, euphoria, rage, peace, frustration, laughter, paranoia, love, pride, embarrassment … the list is endless and sometimes we experience all of them in just one day! Within this melting pot of emotions, it’s crucial to develop the very best parenting models and strategies so we can have the stable, harmonious and loving home we all want. It is Andrew’s privilege to work with parents to help them achieve this.

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Amber Carcel: Memories with Mom

Amber Carcel is a mom of 2 amazing kids (11 years old and 8 years old). She has been married for 13 years to a great man, and she has a loving 175lb St. Bernard (who thinks he is only 10 lbs). Amber lives in a small town in southwest Iowa and works for a local community college. She is on a journey to create a healthier live for herself and her family. She is also on a mission to create lasting memories with her family without spending tons of money. Join Amber on her journey.

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MPM Fairfield: Moms Preparing Moms

Keira Robilotto:  Is a first-time mom to an 11 month old baby girl.  She is a high school teacher currently on leave so that she can stay at home with her little peanut.

Nicole Chu: Is a first-time mom to a ten month old baby boy.  She has been working in the field of healthcare as an RN for over ten years.

Sarah Mercurio:  Is a first time mom of a thirteen month old boy who is the love of her life.  She is an Audiologist and her passion in life is her family.

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Ashley Hardway: Nanny Lady

Ashley Hardway is always on the search for something new. Learning is her passion and she loves to share what she learns with others. Childcare, green living, healthy cooking, and personal growth are just a few of the things she loves to write about. Born to be a writer, Ashley takes huge amounts of information and distills them down so that everyone can understand. Helping others to grow and learn is her goal, and she loves to feel like she is helping her community, locally in Houston, Texas and around the world.

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Erin Due: Raygen’s Hope

Erin Due is a mother of two girls, 10 and 3. Erin started blogging in 2011 to keep family and friends updated on her youngest daughter’s journey with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome or better known as half a heart. Erin continues to keep her followers updated with her daughter’s condition, but also uses her blog to bring awareness to C.H.D. Erin keeps her readers up to date of the challenges of working full time, part-time homeschooling, being a wife and her favorite job, a mom to two very different, special girls. Erin likes to describe her blog as, “Finding Joy in Every Journey.”

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Joyce Linder: Parenting Coach for Parents of Tweens and Teens

Joyce Linder is a Parenting Coach for parents of tweens and teens, a licensed school counselor in a middle school and a mother of two sons.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from George Mason University and a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Human Services from the University of Phoenix.

Joyce’s Parenting Coach career was born out of the realization that in order to best help kids, she needed to first help their parents become more effective parents.

In her blog, Joyce offers parents insight, perspective, tips and tools to help them be more informed, effective and happy parents.

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Juaneice: La Casa Azul Design

Juaneice Munoz is a wife, mother, designer, and clumsy fashionista.  She is the co -founder of Casa Bebe, a children’s design firm, and founder of La Casa Azul Design, a luxury full service interior design firm. Juaneice started her journey many years ago with her husband of 17 years, remodeling their own homes.  She fell in love with the process of making a house into a safe haven for the family.  As a mother of 3 she has mastered creating luxurious environments that encompass quality and comfortable living. You may find, Juaneice, sharing her funny mishaps as a clumsy fashionista or giving valuable tips of the trade she has gained throughout the years!

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Rebecca Stephens: Seeing the Lighter Side of Parenting

Rebecca Stephens is an Aussie working mom of two gorgeous preschool boys and wife to a wonderful man with his head in the clouds (he’s a pilot). She has a part-time professional career and a university education in History, Literature, Management and Law (none of which has helped her to figure out this parenting gig). She loves being a Mom and she loves to write, so she’s combined the two passions for your enjoyment (and her therapy). Rebecca blogs about her life and her boys, writes about the history of parenting and sources fascinating facts about childhood and parenting.

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Cindy Scott: True North Child

Cindy Scott writes for parents of 3 to 6 year old children.  She is a mother, grandmother, and seasoned Montessori teacher who learned along her way the importance of the parent-teacher bond, and the true powers of young children.  She has a lot to say about respectful ways to nurture the young child’s heart and brain.

Cindylives in Estes Park, Colorado with her husband, and finds time for quilting, outdoor photography, and grandchildren (not necessarily in that order).  Join her for parenting support and challenges.

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Ayi Dela Cruz: The Mommy Chronicles

Ayi is a former law student turned freelance writer, striving baker, a newbie blogger, a full time stay at home mom to two adorable baby girls and a loving partner to her man of her dreams. While her kids are in their most behaved state, she shares tips, tricks and her (mis)adventures in the world of motherhood and parenting. She writes about everything mommy-hood and her experiences in dealing with her toddlers. She believes that being a mom is the most difficult yet most fulfilling role every woman has to take.

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Jessica James: Real Family Kitchen

Jessica James is a Millennial working mom who lives in Kansas City with her family. She cooks and eats professionally for a living.

She grew up in a small town with her mom and brother.  While their meals consisted of boxed dinners, canned vegetables, overcooked meats and rarely anything fresh, they ALWAYS ate together at the table.

Her experience ranges from family-owned restaurants, to fine dining restaurants, to restaurants feeding a million people daily.  She’s an expert at creating recipes based in classic cooking techniques, allowing the home cook to build his or her skill in the kitchen over time.

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Laura Ann Russell: Prego to Legos

Laura Ann Russell is a Marine wife and mommy to a baby boy born March 2014. She has a degree in Psychology from Sweet Briar College and would one day like to become an Elementary School teacher and librarian. Laura has a varied background, having spent time as a waitress, dog trainer, nanny, actor, model, and teacher at a YMCA childcare site. An avid reader and DIYer, when she’s not changing diapers and blogging, she’s reading anything she can get her hands on, crocheting, and (window) shopping on Zulily.

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Clare Higgins: One Stop Savvy

Clare is a mother, blogger, Hyperemesis Gravidarum survivor and part time mystery shopper. She stumbled into blogging around August 2013 when life seemed a little short of adventure, unknown to her that the toddler years were soon to come. During the day she is a stay at home mummy to Isabelle (2) and low self esteemed dog, Layla (4). All she desires in sunlight is to stay savvy through poopy nappies, projectile vomit and sleepless nights but by night she transforms into blogging addict, social media stalking, picture taking Shopaholic.

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Kristina Grum photo

Kristina Grum: Sew Curly

Kristina Grum is a mother to 3 girls who were all born in just over 3 years (which means her house gets REALLY loud).  She is passionate about her family and living in the moment.  She is a Certified Parent Educator with Redirecting Children’s Behavior and was an elementary teacher before having children.  When she’s not teaching parenting courses or workshops, you can find her playing with her kids, reading or thinking about going for a run.  She lives on coffee, giggling, and sunshine, and loves to sew and be creative.

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Nicole: Mind Over Messy

Nicole is the author of a newly launched site –Mind over Messy. Following a ten year career in Human Resources, Nicole unexpectedly found herself a Stay-at-home Mom due to a series of mishaps. Now, finally settled in the Mommy role, she created Mind over Messy as a place to reflect, share projects and information, and hopefully a laugh or two. Be sure to visit Mind Over Messy and follow along via your favorite form of social media.

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