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Want to win a $50 Amazon gift card? How about some bonus votes toward our current voting contest? Submit your own Mommy Review! You can submit a review on any product you love to use for yourself or your family, from brilliant beauty care products to durable diaper bags. Follow the directions below to write and submit your Mommy Review. Each approved review that you submit will earn you 1 entry into our raffle, as well as 15 bonus votes toward our voting contest! You can submit as many reviews as you like. The raffle will be held on July 1st, 2013, so hurry!

  1. Write a review on a product that you love, for yourself or for your kids.
  2. Be sure to cover pros, cons, quality, safety, and prices of the reviewed product.
  3. Save your review into a word processor file such as a Microsoft Word doc, then upload below.
  4. Upload a clear and specific photo of the reviewed product below.
  5. If we approve your review, you'll receive a $50 raffle entry and 15 bonus votes!
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Please note that by submitting your entry in exchange for votes, you forfeit your review for our use.

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