Monitor Your Kids’ Video Posts

images (7)You hear parents stating all the time that their kids are often far better than they are at using tech devices. And while this is usually said with a mix of equal parts pride and trepidation, the truth is we need to work hard today to stay as technologically savvy as our little ones so we can remain one step ahead of them. Parents have it tough today. When we were young our parents had a pretty good handle on our communication with the outside world. It was simple – we were either talking to a friend on the one landline phone in the house or we weren’t. But nowadays, when our kids are tucked safely upstairs in their rooms, they’re not alone as we were. They have contact with the entire world through computers, phones and other devices.


Video posts have become much more popular for kids and it’s yet another thing we parents need to monitor. The insane popularity of YouTube is only the beginning. Now apps such as SnapChat allow kids to send video messages on their phones to friends and out to the world at large. A shrewd parent will have the passwords for any and every account their child has. This isn’t about spying, it’s more about the knowledge that you CAN look whenever you want, which will help them think twice about what they post. This goes far beyond the days of “Is it a violation of trust to read my child’s diary?” If your child is posting a video to any public site they are obviously willing for strangers to see it, so Mom and Dad should certainly get to see it as well. This is about keeping our kids safe and helping them to protect their identities and reputations.

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