No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating

download (7)Carving pumpkins is definitely a quintessential fall activity and a must-do item for many families during the month of October. But, depending on the quality of the pumpkin, it might not be an activity you want to participate in during the first weeks of the month if you want your jack-o-lantern to still be in decent shape for Halloween. You want him to be spooky scary, not rotten scary. Instead, this might be the perfect time of the month to decorate a few full pumpkins that haven’t been sliced up or scooped out. Left whole these gourds will certainly last until the holiday and your little ones who are too young to carve can get in on the fun.


Instead of carving, think of what you can do to the outside of the pumpkins. Head into your craft room or to a craft store and pick up some scraps of fabric, some paint, glitter, googly eyes, markers, glue and other assorted fun Halloween props. Spread all these items out in the garage and have a super fun family pumpkin decorating contest. Draw faces on your pumpkins with markers or paint, make clothing, hats or any other decorative items you can think of out of fabric scraps. Use templates to turn your pumpkins into favorite cartoon characters, the sky’s the limit. Just remember to use waterproof paints and markers and prop pieces that will hold up to the wind, rain and other elements for the next few weeks.

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