No-Carve Pumpkin Decoration Ideas

Nothing says October has arrived better that carving pumpkins to line the porch in preparation for Halloween. But, if you have little ones it isn’t much fun for them to watch you carve their pumpkin when they can’t yet use a sharp tool. And if you want your pumpkins to make it to the spooky holiday later in the month, sometimes it’s better to leave them intact and decorate them without carving into them. Here are some great no-carve decoration ideas.


Use some crackle paint to cover the pumpkin and give it that old, weathered look that covers the wood in spooky old haunted houses. Atop the crackle paint, use a stencil and paint a skeleton or a witch. Stencils are a great, easy way for your kids to get involved. You simply have to supervise while they use a spray can or a brush to paint inside the stencil.


Turn pumpkins into anything you want by adding props on sticks that are pushed into the pumpkin. Add butterfly wings and antennae made from pipe cleaners and paper, then paint the pumpkin as a colorful butterfly. Use metallic silver paint to make a pumpkin robot and add springs on pipe cleaners as robot arms and a box on a stick as a robot head atop the pumpkin. The sky is the limit and you can let your little ones pick their favorite costume ideas for the pumpkins. They may even decorate the pumpkin to match their own costume idea.



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