Personalized Lunch Boxes Are Everything Kids Want

download (8)It’s time again to buy those school supplies and any mom worth her salt can tell you it isn’t just about function when it comes to the gear your kids will carry to school, it’s absolutely about fashion if you’re asking the kids. Let’s face it, kids would carry backpacks made of tissue paper if they thought they were the cool new thing that all the other kids were carrying. Luckily, for the kids who want the hottest new items for back-to-school and their moms who want their school gear to last, Land’s End has got them both covered.


The new Land’s End lunch boxes are cool and colorful and have designs that will please any child. These sturdy lunch box bags are made of a tough nylon and look like mini backpacks with a handle on top instead of over-the-shoulder straps. The bags have two separate zippered sections: a large section to store the lunch and a smaller front section, which holds an ice pack to keep the lunch cold for up to 5 hours. These bags are easy to clean by simply wiping them down they are decorated with bold and fun designs such as stripes, stars, flowers or simple coordinating colors. And there best feature of all, the bags can be personalized with your child’s name embroidered right on the front and you can also order an 18-ounce water bottle emblazoned with their name as well. Never lose a lunch box again!


  1. i like those!

  2. i want one of these for my daughter

  3. Much better than having some tacky markered tag inside it

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