Playroom Update (Pinterest for Moms)

pintrocityYou know, the funny thing about Pinterest, is that all of these people posting instructions are assuming that you are performing these tasks under perfect conditions. Ha!

                If I had the time, which I do not, I would post DIY projects that you can accomplish with a 6 month old hanging off your hip, a 2.5 year old who pees in her pants at least twice a day, four loads of laundry needing to get done, a dog who can’t figure out if he wants to lie down under the kitchen table or out on the patio, and supper in the oven. Where’s that board, Pinterest? Huh?

Needless to say, the playroom undertaking is going on a little longer than I had anticipated. At the rate I’m going, it’s going to take me the remaining six months of my maternity leave just to get the alphabet painted on the wall.

So here we have what I have managed to accomplish thus far with the mural. The room was desperate for color. We have a nice, thick rug that adds a lot, but I couldn’t seem to get it in the shot. I’m also loving the cubby system we have going on that holds art supplies, blocks, wipes, play food, etc. When I’m not too exhausted to think and I actually get a chance to go in there and put everything away, it looks super neat all night long, until Avery wakes up in the morning and makes the place look like the Tasmanian Devil got in the house.

There is also an apple tree and more bees not pictured. I’m hoping to add a shelf on the wall to hold most of the books. I am all about floor space!

In my mind I have all these great ideas that will make the playroom super fun and great for both kids and adults, but in real life I have two kids who don’t nap and I don’t own a saw.  It’s taking me about 45 minutes just to write this short post because Liam is sitting on the floor next to me and gets bored so easily that I have to have a constant onslaught of toys to fire at him just so I can bang out 500 words.

I think the moral of this story should be that Pinterest needs a whole secondary website called Pinterest for Moms, and I think it should just be a series of pins that when you click them, remind you of the reality of your situation.

“Oooohhhh, braised lamb shanks? Delish! I’m going to get the recipe for tonight!”


“What are you thinking? You have two small children. You are never going to make this lamb happen. Take out the chicken fingers, lady. We both know that’s as far as you’re going to get.”

“You’re right, thanks Pinterest for Moms!”

I’m just saying. Maybe this is something that needs to happen. Trust me. I’m staring at an alphabet that only goes to “G” and asking myself who I thought I was when I went out and bought all those toll paints. Let this be a lesson, moms. Don’t find yourself in the middle of a Pintrocity with two screaming children, a recipe for lamb, and chicken fingers in the oven.

Lauren Byrne is a 20-something mom of a “surprise” little girl and a very planned little boy. You can read about the hilarious adventures of her family on her blog A Guide to Surviving Surprise Parenthood.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————
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  1. too funny!

  2. Omg! Pintrosity! Rolling on the floor laughing!

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