Playtex & Nuby Sippy Cups


Sippy cups are an essential product for any toddler’s life. Whether you fill your sippy cups with milk, juice, or water, you do NOT want them to leak. No busy mom has time to clean up an extra mess from a product that swears it is leak proof.

Which sippy cup is best? My head was spinning to figure out which cup or brand works the best. Do you read the online reviews to see what other moms say? Do you trust what is printed on the label? Or do you just buy what you think will work? It’s a tough call to figure out what to invest your money on.

The best product testing I have ever experienced is a room full of 1.5 year olds with sippy cups. It’s amazing to see them take each other’s cup to drink from it.  They will throw them; hence you can see how durable they are. They will try their hardest to dump the liquid out. You name it: the best way to test a product is give it to a toddler!

Playtex sippy cup models:  First Sipper Training Cup, Lil Gripper Spout Cup, Lil Gripper Straw Cup

I truly believe the standard in sippy cups is the Playtex brand. They are affordable. They are durable. They fit your needs as your child grows and learns. The First Sipper is a great first cup. Teething toddler’s like to drink from it and use its soft plastic tip to gnaw on. The Lil Gripper Spout is the next level up cup. It’s awesome for little hands to lift and tilt. Finally: the Lil Gripper Straw Cup. I was very disappointed in this cup. This cup leaks. I would not recommend this model.

Nuby sippy cup models: Clik-it Flexstraw, and No-Spill Sports Sipper

Looking for an extremely affordable kid chosen cup? This is your cup! My toddler will not leave the house without her purple straw sippy cup. We have tried many brands. This is the sippy cup she loves! The only down side to this cup is that toddlers are clever. She has figured out how to turn it upside down and pinch the straw to shake the water out.

All in all both of these brands: Playtex & Nuby are affordable and flexible sippy cups for on the run moms. Kid-tested and mom-approved Nuby is our daily go-to. Playtex is great for trips to Grandma and Grandpa’s house or long car rides.



  1. This was so helpful! Thanks for the low down!

  2. sippy cups have come a long way since my kids were kids. my grandkids have those nuby cups and i was happy to see that they dont leak like the ones did back in the 80s.

  3. Tammi S says:

    I definitely stand by the Playtex ones.

  4. I’ve got to get my son on a sippy cup, I’m so tired of the bottle.

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