Rainy Day at Disney World


Planning a Disney World vacation or day trip? Did you already plan out your vacation to Disney World or just a family day trip to Disney World, but now you see that there is rain in the forecast for that day? Do not let the rainy day forecast stop you from enjoying your planned Disney day or Disney vacation!

Unless Disney World is under a hurricane or tornado warning, chances are the rain you see will quickly pass. Some months are simply prone to afternoon thunderstorms. You can check the weather channel or online to get an overview of the weather each month, to see if your trip you are planning or have planned is during the rainy season. Do not let a few drops of rain spoil your Disney vacation, with a little planning and thinking ahead, you can make the best of a rainy day.

Braving the rain will not only make you and your kids feel like a kid, being able to play in the rain, and the puddles is so much more fun when you are at Disney World, while braving the rain and having a blast making the best of it, others may have decided to pack up and head out, meaning the lines for the rides, shows and activities will be considerably shorter- woo hoo, you can ride your favorite rides, watch your favorite shows and do your favorite activities over and over!

Most Florida showers are just that, showers… that are usually over in a short time. Make sure you bring umbrellas and also pick up a poncho for each member of your family, I suggest before hand. You can buy them at the dollar store for a dollar, or you purchase them at Disney World, an adult sized poncho costs nine dollars, and a childrens poncho costs eight dollars. We learned this the hard way this past weekend. We bought them at the dollar store but we did not think it was actually going to rain for long, if at all. We bought four, when we ended up needing four more because we had four adults and two children, well of course the husbands ripped theirs as they were not gentle putting them on.

A rainy day at Disney World does not have to be a wash out. Families who are prepared with some alternative entertainment might just discover that rain at Disney World can actually be fun. You don’t have to worry about what to do at Disney when it rains, from throwing on a poncho and braving the rain to a large range of indoor activities, your kids will still love every minute spent in Disney. You might actually find that instead of rushing from ride to show to activity, the rain allows you to slow down and enjoy your trip.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————
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  1. It can be miserable by the end if you aren’t wearing clothes that dry quickly, though!

  2. more advice: never, ever wear flip-flops to disney if rain is forecasted. they will tear up your feet!

  3. I love it when the rain clears up just as you are getting there. No crowds!

  4. Yes, Izabel, I forgot to mention that! Always bring at least one change of clothes for each of you, if possible! :)

    Nancy- I learned that the hard way! No flip flops on shopping trips or theme parks!

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