September Mommy Blogger of the Month


The Mommy Hot Spot Mommy Blogger for September is Maan with Davao Mommy. Through Davao Mommy, Maan shares life through the eyes of a work-at-home mom in Davao City, Philippines. Maan devotes her life to her husband Job, her son Yuri, and her work. She also manages to find time to share her life with us on Davao Mommy!

Life in the Philippines

Through reading her blog, we can plainly see that life in the Philippines isn’t so different from the U.S. after all. While her environment is different, she still discusses topics that every mom around the world can relate to. She discusses online and in-store deals that she finds, DIY craft tutorials, product reviews, and the odds and ends in between.

Finance Fridays

Maan’s blog has a section titled “Finance Fridays.” When you see this title, you may think that she uses this real estate to discuss things like taxes and mortgage. On the contrary, Maan discusses simple, everyday finance topics that every mom can relate to. As parents, we constantly find ourselves in financial debates that aren’t necessarily life-changing.

For example, her most recent Finance Friday post discussed justifying the price of cookie butter, an item that is very much affordable, but expensive in comparison to a number of other products that would get the job done just the same. (When you skim through this post and see the sentence “I just can’t justify paying around 500 bucks for a jar of bread spread,” don’t be alarmed like I was at first… one U.S. dollar exchanges to about 43 Philippine pesos!)

Thank you, Maan, for sharing your life with us! We’re so glad to have your unique perspective that shows us that no matter how different, we’re still so similar. Since Mommy Hot Spot is based in the U.S., it’s moms like you who help us reach the corners of the world to connect moms everywhere.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————
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  1. Woah, thank you so much for featuring me as your mommy blogger of the month! I didn’t expect it. What an honor! And yes, I do think that moms all over the world, while different, are similar in many ways. Let’s go, moms! :-)

    PS: I have to pay 500 pesos for a jar of cookie butter here + another 150 for shipping. That’s around $15! :D

  2. This sounds like a great blog!

  3. I like the idea of discovering what other moms around the world do, thanks!

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