Simplify DIY Halloween Costumes for the Kids

It’s that time of year again! Time for the mother of all DIY clothing projects – Halloween costumes for the kids. Sure, you could head out to the local costume shop or drug store and buy pre-made costumes with masks for your little ones, but where’s the fun (and stress) in that? Plus, what if you have an extra imaginative child who is just DYING to be a ladybug fairy princess? You’re not likely to find that one on a shelf. Well, fear not. With a few simple tips and some Halloween tricks of your own, you can whip up the costume of your child’s dreams this year.

First of all, get creative. There are a lot of pre-made pieces that can be embellished and put together to make a costume that requires little to no sewing at all. For example, a dance leotard serves as a fabulous base for any number of girl costumes, from fairy princess to cat woman. A fairy princess outfit can be made from a base of a long sleeved leotard and tights in shimmery silver or in your daughter’s favorite color. Add a fluffy tutu of a different bright color and some store bought fairy wings. Then you can have some fun gluing fake flowers or lines of sequins to the tutu and leotard, you can even make a flower garland for her hair.

A long-sleeved dark shirt and dark pants also serve as a great base for a boy’s costume. From a cowboy to a policeman, this base will work. From there it’s all about the added pieces and the props. A policeman merely needs a dark suit jacket and you can add a badge and some patches to it. With a hat and a club, he’ll be ready to go. Glue some fringe to a vest to create a great cowboy look and add a hat, handkerchief and some boots to complete the ensemble. Use your imagination and you’ll find ways to simplify each piece to make adorable overall costumes for your little ones. Have fun!


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