Sippy Sure Delivers Medicine Without Misery

download (4)When your child isn’t feeling well the very last thing you want to do is make them feel worse. But unfortunately that’s often exactly what you have to do when you must take them take some yucky tasting medicine. Our little ones don’t understand that this medicine is necessary to make them feel better, they only know that on top of feeling sick they also now have to deal with Mommy or Daddy making them drink down some medicine that they don’t want. It’s enough to break your heart, isn’t it? Well, never fear, the makers of Sippy Sure are out to make certain that the medicine ordeal can get a whole lot more painless for both Mommy and baby.


The Sippy Sure cup was designed for children between the ages of 1 and 5. These are the ages when your child is too old to simply give medicine to, no questions asked as you could when he was a baby, and yet he may not be old enough to understand why he needs to take his medicine. So stop arguing and buy a Sippy Sure cup. This cup contains a separate small medicine cup inside and once that cup is filled with a dose of medicine it will mix slowly with your child’s drink so they can drink down their dose of medicine without the bad taste. This ingenious cup won’t only keep you from having to fight with your child when he is sick, an awful task, but it will also ensure your child will drink down his entire dose of medicine.

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