Sozo Halloween bunting costumes

If you have an infant you may well love wrapping them up in warm, soft bunting to keep them cozy.  A bunting blanket is essentially a bag, usually made of fleece or some other soft material that is closed at the bottom to cover baby’s legs and feet, and has a hood on top. The idea behind this garment is to cover baby completely, except for the face.

Thanks to the creative minds at Sozo, you can place your bundle of joy inside a soft and warm bunting bag and dress him or her up for Halloween at the same time. Sozo has designed some of the most PRECIOUS costumes for baby you could ever imagine, and has turned them into cozy fleece bunting bags with hoods or little hats. You can dress your baby as a banana or a hot dog in a hooded bunting bag that shows only baby’s face. Some of the designs with little hats include ladybugs, bees, peapods and even butterflies with an antennae hat and wings coming from the back of the bag.

Let’s face it, comfort is most important in a costume for a newborn baby, they obviously can’t understand dressing up for Halloween so there is no point in making them uncomfortable. These adorable costumes allow you to dress your baby for Halloween, while allowing him or her to stay as warm and comfy as can be.

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