Spring Brunch is Entertainment for the Whole Family!

spring-brunchEverybody loves a brunch!  there’s no better excuse to eat bacon and pastries well into the afternoon then a brunch.  Spring is also a perfect time to schedule a brunch because of the beautiful weather.  As our babies started growing, our “family” got bigger to include our new mom friends and new baby friends.  We started to want to enjoy holidays and traditions with our new mom “family” and decided to do something in each season.  We do ornament painting in winter, Pool party and BBQ in the summer, Halloween and Harvest Festival in the fall, and now brunch in the spring.  There are four of us, most of whom are not from the area.  A brunch was a great way for us to enjoy some family time and make some memeries.

A brunch is a great meal to host, because just about anything goes.  One can eat spiral ham and blueberry muffins on the same plate, and nobody will judge.  Brunches also allow for lots of “portable” foods that can be eaten easily for buffet-style serving.  Finally, brunch meals are easy to transport to your brunch location.  It’s not at all like trying to transport a hot turkey across town on Thanksgiving!  Sarah was our generous host for the brunch, so she was able to invite everyone to her home.  She made lots of yummy food, but was also able to invite her guests to bring foods as well.  This made the brunch easier for both Sarah and her guests, since neither had to worry about clashing flavors or difficult dishes to transport.  An easy way to coordinate foods is to just ask your guests to choose a sweet or savory dish, this way you don’t end up with too many of one type.  A nice balance will ensure full bellies!


Since the brunch fell around Easter, Sarah planned some great activities for the kids to do while the adults snapped pictures and grazed on culinary delights.  The older kids were able to hunt for Easter eggs, while our little ones were content banging eggs together and dumping out their baskets.  Either way, the parents had a great time watching the kids enjoy themselves.  Sarah, the creative one in our group, even created adorable little munchkin “chicks” to add some Easter fun to her table.  Although our babies weren’t old enough to try them, we made up for it by taking some extra helpings.  To add to the festivities, there were mimosas!  Nothing like a sip of champagne on a beautiful day.


Coordinating a brunch is easy if you plan ahead:

  • Invite family, friends, and your new mom friends and babies. Try to make the time “nap friendly” so that even your littlest guests can enjoy
  • Coordinate a simple and portable menu.  Ask your guests to bring anything they would like whether sweet or savory, and keep the balance for a great meal.
  • Use paper and plastic cups for easy cleanup. If you are doing the brunch close to a holiday, try to find some themed plates and cups to add to the festive atmosphere.
  • Plan an activity for the kids so that they can enjoy playing with one another and giving mom and dad a break (even if it’s a short one)
  • Make something special.  A simple little homemade dish can add something to your table.

Making traditions with new friends is a great way to bond and make memories that last a lifetime.  A brunch is one way, but there are so many great ways to spend time with those you love!

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  1. emily rose says:

    looks like a wonderful time!

  2. These pictures are so cute!

  3. I love a picnic. My little one will eat anything I give him if it’s on a picnic rug in the backyard. bizarre, it must just be atmosphere of it all and now i have lots of new ideas and the birds can clean up all those crumbs. Thanks.

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