Stay Cozy With the Hoodie Baby Carrier Cover

download (2)Strollers are just about one of the greatest inventions of all time when it comes to baby transport, but there are times and places where it is just too bulky to drag a stroller along and there might be nowhere to put it once you’re there. In those situations parents usually opt for a more compact mode of travel by simply strapping the baby on for a ride with Mom or Dad in the form of a sling. Those lightweight baby carriers are great and they allow parents to keep their hands free while they carry baby, but some slings are a bit too lightweight for colder weather.


Other parents forgo the mesh slings in favor of more substantial front carriers made out of durable nylon and plastic. Now Infantino has found a way to make these carriers as cozy as can be for fall and winter with their Hoodie Universal All Season Carrier Cover. This is a simple but really brilliant idea that allows you to keep baby as covered and cozy as you would if he were beneath a blanket in his stroller. The cover goes over any baby carrier and snaps around the front of it. It has a hood you can pull over baby’s head as they face you, it also has a large front pocket so you can conveniently carry keys, bottles or other necessary items without having to dig in your pants pockets beneath the carrier. It’s made of soft sweatshirt material and is a must have item for any mom heading out to the cider mills with baby in tow this fall.

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