Conquering Your Pregnancy Weight Gain


If becoming pregnant and carrying a baby was not a hard enough toll on our bodies the amount of weight gain some women have to deal with afterwards is nothing short of torture. Weight gain in pregnancy is inevitable but for many a few pounds can turn into stones making you not always feel entirely […]

I Have Never Called My Daughter Beautiful


No, you heard that right. I have never called my daughter beautiful as far as I remember; not as a policy, but just because I am from a working-class family, and it’s not a word we ever used about people. ‘She’s a looker,’ you might have heard, or ‘She’s a pretty lass,’ but those things […]

5 Minute Mom Makeover


As moms, we’re often so consumed with getting our kids clothed, fed and out the door that we tend to neglect ourselves.  Thankfully though, we don’t have to look like it.  Los Angeles makeup artist and eyebrow shaper extraordinaire, Karen Scott has devised a 5 step/5 minute makeup regimen aimed at hiding dark circles, eradicating […]

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