Financial Reasons to Invest in Cloth Diapers


When some people think of cloth diapers, they envision some hipster method of saving the planet. Although these items do encourage such behavior, it’s not the only reason why you should consider using them. There are financial reasons why cloth diapers are superior to disposable ones and the savings you could experience can make using […]

Quick and Easy Napkin Window Valances


When my teenage daughter asked for a bedroom makeover last year, I consented, as long as various conditions were met. The One Directions posters covering an entire wall had to come down, the new paint color had to be full coverage in only two coats, and the budget had to be under $250. The posters […]

Leading by Example


Like most parents I want my children to grow up to be really awesome, amazing, incredible people.  That means that I want them to be amazing friends, amazing employees (or employers) and someday an amazing spouse to someone.  (that last one can totally wait 20 years or so though) Sometimes I get so focused on […]

DIY for the DIY Impaired


For those of you that are DIY impaired it can be quite troublesome when faced with a DIY project that seems oh so easy, yet oh so difficult.  Well you are not alone! As a designer, I think I am expected to be a DIY Diva, I am full of ideas, but not the best […]

Party on a Budget


My daughter’s third birthday is coming up in three weeks and we are moving in two weeks.  With that being said, our budget is tight so I am trying to plan her party on a budget. Here are my top ideas to plan your child’s party on a budget that I used last year for […]

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