Responsible Parenting Means Protecting Your Child From Illness

It can be somewhat a hot button topic with advocates for both sides of the fence, but what is the truth behind child immunization? Well, the fact is that immunization by its very nature involves infecting your child with a weakened form of the bacteria or virus you want to protect them from. Now that might sound scary, but let’s measure that against a full blown attack of whooping cough or measles, which can make your child very sick and in some cases can result in the worst happening.
So, okay, anti-immunization activists will claim that the protecting jabs can result in a number of serious adverse effects. They will blame immunizations for everything from allergies and asthma to autism, but in truth there is no scientific proof of this. Of course each parent has their own opinion and some listen more acutely to the rare tales of an adverse reaction to an immunization than to the millions of successful ones that have saved lives.
It is safe to say that as a preventative measure immunization has a proven history of success. Since Edward Jenner noticed that milkmaids who contracted cow pox never caught the deadly small pox virus in the 1790s the process has come a long way. In general immunizations are safe and as a responsible parent you should safeguard your child’s health by protecting them against the potentially harmful diseases that exist.