Three Essential Oils Every Mother Should Own


Mother Nature sure knows how to get it right. I mean, yes, one could argue that she is to blame for black, hairy spiders and snow storms, but she has more than made up for those hassles with her bevy of essential oils. Here are the top three every mom should have in her arsenal […]

Cucumbers, Beneficial to Every Day Life


I grew up doing cucumber facial masks with my mom, I know of people who put cucumber slices in their water, or eat cucumber in their salad but I was shocked when I found out how beneficial cucumbers are, and not only a benefit to our health by eating them, also to our every day […]

The Importance of Enforcing Organization with Children


Now, just as all adults are not created equal in disposition and personality not all children are either. I have two children and one of them was always willing and capable to help from a very young age and the other one was always more of a hard sell. This child was pickier about what […]

Keeping it Clean: 5 Things My Mother Taught Me


For the majority of the time I lived at home, my Mama didn’t work (outside the house). Even now, she runs the house, volunteers, is active at church, and has a great social life. As busy as she is, her house is always immaculate. You can tell people live there (the couches aren’t covered in […]

Do Your Kids Cringe When You Mention Cleaning? Give Cleaning a New, Fun Name


Neither of my girls are fans of cleaning. Every day you could spot at least 3 to 4 pairs of shoes littering our living room floor, 4 to 5 stray paperslying around, 3 to 4 started craft projects, and so on and so on. My husband cannot stand messes or clutter; he’s a neat freak. […]

Why I Have My Sons’ Toys Held Hostage in the Garage


My sons (six and four) used to occasionally fight over toys and their willingness to share them, but for the most part they played together quite happily. In fact, I had thought we reached a place where I could actually get things done around the house and occasionally work on my blog because they were […]

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