2 Great Parenting Tips To Improve Your Influence:


We’ve all been there and we’ve all done it: “Don’t eat too many sweets, they’re bad for your teeth” “Don’t step in the road, you could get hurt.” “Don’t play on the fence, it might break.” Effective parenting is about delivering positive influence. Whether it’s eating too much sugar, walking in the road or playing […]

The Importance of Enforcing Organization with Children


Now, just as all adults are not created equal in disposition and personality not all children are either. I have two children and one of them was always willing and capable to help from a very young age and the other one was always more of a hard sell. This child was pickier about what […]

Motivate Your Kids to Help Out… and Behave at the Same Time


My son is 6, and since he was just a tiny two-year-old, we have sworn by The Smiley Board to address responsibilities within the house as well as dealing with the consequences of bad behavior. Now, at first glance, it might seem like bribery, but I like to call it simple motivation. We purchased a […]

Why I Have My Sons’ Toys Held Hostage in the Garage


My sons (six and four) used to occasionally fight over toys and their willingness to share them, but for the most part they played together quite happily. In fact, I had thought we reached a place where I could actually get things done around the house and occasionally work on my blog because they were […]

Screaming and Yelling vs. Parenting


When I was growing up, my father was one who thought that yelling would get something done faster, or make my sister and I mind better. Whenever we were in trouble it was always yelling that we heard rather than what it was that we did, and no explaining of what we could have done […]

Disciplining Your Child in Public

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Once our adorable and sweet little babies hit the toddler stage, it’s usually accompanied by a fun little development that turns them from our little sweethearts into something far less fun. Yes, we’re talking about the tantrum stage. It sends us running to our bookshelves and computers, desperate to discover ways to curb the screamingly […]

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