Independence Day DIY Fun

popcicle sticks

Independence Day is quickly approaching. I enjoy doing arts and crafts, especially to celebrate the upcoming holidays! If you are looking to entertain your children and teach them the history of Independence Day, here are a few DIY crafts that can help you do just that! Everyone loves rice crispy treats, especially if they are […]

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Top 10 DIY Fathers Day Gifts


Fathers Day is Sunday, June 15th. Before I had a child, I never knew what to get my dad for his holiday gifts, let alone Fathers Day. He is the type of man to buy whatever he wants so when I ask him what he wants he would says “save your money”, or “surprise me”. […]

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Quick and Easy Napkin Window Valances


When my teenage daughter asked for a bedroom makeover last year, I consented, as long as various conditions were met. The One Directions posters covering an entire wall had to come down, the new paint color had to be full coverage in only two coats, and the budget had to be under $250. The posters […]

Koolaid Play Dough Recipe


We had a big birthday in our house this year. My oldest son turned 5! He had been looking forward to his birthday for weeks, counting down until his big day. As luck has it, though, he contracted a stomach bug the night before and was feeling horrible on his birthday. We had plans to […]

Playroom Update (Pinterest for Moms)


You know, the funny thing about Pinterest, is that all of these people posting instructions are assuming that you are performing these tasks under perfect conditions. Ha!                 If I had the time, which I do not, I would post DIY projects that you can accomplish with a 6 month old hanging off your hip, […]

Homemade Marshmallow Shooter


Growing up, it was only my sister and I. We had no brothers, but most of our cousins were boys, and we were all pretty close. We talked them into playing girly things with us, and in return we had to play boyish things with them. I always loved when we played “guns”, it was […]

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