Family Matters


As we look around today families are falling apart right and left. Adults are so busy thinking about themselves and their relationships that the children sometimes get ignored. The kids act out and seek out others who are in the same situation to bond with. The world turns on the health of the family and […]

Their Lives are not Ours To Judge


There are rare people in the world who are truly suited to be together. Not everyone gets to be with their soulmate, that’s a special couple who find each other and then live out their lives. Sometimes they find each other and circumstances make decisions for them and they don’t end up together and 25 […]

Guiding Young Children Through Frustration, Not Around It


Young children have strong feelings, both happy and sad. I read that preschool age children laugh 300 times a day! Their feelings can also turn on a dime, and one of the hardest feelings for parents to witness is frustration. It’s so tempting to just fix it for them and be done, but deep down […]

How to Deal with an Anxious Child….


First of all remember you are not alone and you need patience. I have a hard time with both of these. See my 8 year old is an anxious child. Yes from the day we brought her home till NOW….still anxious!! However, patience is what helps you get through this. First of all I have […]

Being a Calm Parent


Being a calm parent is not an easy job; it is huge and sometimes tiresome. But the rewards of being calm and able to connect with your children are almost always fulfilling. Being calm enables your child to connect with you, trust you, have their own voice, not fear you and most important of all […]

Body Language Speaks Louder than Words

Body language Speaks Louder than Words

Words have only been around for about 200,000 years, which may sound like a long time but on the clock of human evolution they only appeared at about two minutes to twelve. Before then all we used was body language to communicate so we’re very good at that. So good in fact that we don’t […]

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