Conquering Your Pregnancy Weight Gain


If becoming pregnant and carrying a baby was not a hard enough toll on our bodies the amount of weight gain some women have to deal with afterwards is nothing short of torture. Weight gain in pregnancy is inevitable but for many a few pounds can turn into stones making you not always feel entirely […]

Host a Walk and Play Date


Play dates aren’t just fun, sometimes they’re an absolute necessity for moms or dads to stay sane and to feel as though they’re in touch with the outside world. Stay-at-home parents often find that only communicating with their kiddos all day is one of the roughest parts of the job and they crave some connection […]

Indoor Winter Activities


With yesterday being Groundhog Day, I’m sure everyone has already heard that Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog has predicted that there would be six more weeks of winter. I personally don’t mind the cold, but when you have kids it makes it a little harder to enjoy the cool weather because along with it comes the […]

Exercise & Pregnancy: What’s Too Much?


There’s been a lot of controversy lately on women who continue intense exercise regimens while pregnant. Some say your heart rate should never go above 140 when you’re pregnant while others say that advice is antiquated and it’s more important to be able to hold a conversation while exercising, ie if you can’t talk, then […]

This Mom Can’t Stick to a Schedule

stick to schedule

I am hopeless when it comes to sticking to a schedule. I don’t know how long I have been telling myself that I will start a more organized daily routine, one that sets aside time specifically for writing, dishes, exercise (exercise–hahahaha!), reading with my son and working on his therapy skills. It never happens. No […]

Starting Your Day with a Fun Morning Routine with Kids

Mommy Hot Spot Yoga Babies 10_31_13

It only took me about 4.3 seconds post hearing the words, “its twins!” to realize that a routine was going to be very much needed in my life. What I didn’t realize though is that routines can actually be quite fun. Need help spicing up your morning routine with kids? Look no further! After breakfast […]

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