My Culturally Blended Family


Walking home hand in hand with my three-year-old Dutch son, he suddenly pointed and asked, “Did you go to that restaurant when you were little mummy?” “No, I didn’t live here when I was little,” I said, “I lived in England.” “Really?” asked my son, his nose wrinkled in confusion. “Why were you in England […]

You’re Doing Just Fine, Mama


Long gone are the days of waking up at 5 am, quietly drinking a cup of hot coffee while listening to the morning news, enjoying my time getting ready to be at work by 8 o’clock, ready to conquer the world. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still up at 5 am… but I’m walking groggily […]

Helping Your Toddler To Know Their Grandparents When They Live Far Away


We moved cross country four years ago and it was difficult being so far from my parents, but not nearly as difficult as it was after my son was born.  I got very depressed at the fact that my parents were 2,000 miles away from their only grandchild and was stressed at the thought of […]

Feeling Fishy Tonight?


Most people have their favorites when it comes to dinners, one of mine is any dinner that involves any type of seafood, especially fish. The best kind is when my husband gets back from a fishing trip, he cleans scales them, cleans them, then hands them to me to cook. Does not get any fresher […]

Spring Has Finally Sprung-And Summer Will Be Here Before We Know It!


After being cooped up inside during what seems like the longest, coldest, dreariest winter on record, spring has finally begun to show herself!  The birds are chirping and flowers are blooming.  Kids can play outside in the sunshine and get fresh air and exercise! It’s glorious! Before we know it summer vacation will be upon […]

“The Best Thing A Father Can Do For His Children, Is Love Their Mother”


Over the years, especially since social media has been booming, there has been great controversy over the the quote, who has an unknown author, “The best thing a father can do for his children, is love their mother.” Of course it is important to love your children. It goes without saying that your children need […]

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