What Do You Do When You Don’t Like Their Friend?


As a mom one of the hardest things I’ve dealt with has been when my children have a new friend who absolutely drives me crazy!  This has happened for a variety of different reasons.  My daughter once was friends with our next door neighbor’s little girl who would show up at our house all hours […]

Three Easy Ways to Teach Your Kids How To Be a Good Friend


I just had an amazing weekend with five of my best friends. We talked. We listened. We laughed. We cried. We explored. We stayed put. We dreamed. We planned. We have been friends for a long time. And I can’t imagine a time when we won’t be friends. We’ve been together through weddings and babies […]

Embrace Your Mommy-Network


This motherhood gig is a tough one some days, okay most days.  If you let it, it can make you feel isolated and alone.  Like you are the only one dealing with the specific situation you’re dealing with—kids who don’t nap, picky eaters, fussy babies, stretched and strained budgets, and even disagreements with spouses—these are […]

5 Tips For Entertaining In A Small Space


Raise your hand if you live in a McMansion.  Anybody?  No?  Me neither. In fact, we live in a relatively small townhouse and if you rule out bedrooms, bathrooms and closets, there really isn’t that much space to host gatherings.  But we LOVE to have people over, so I’ve learned lots of great little ways […]

Moms Need Friends, Too

B&W Photo of Females Walking Away

If you are fortunate, you have a few good friends. Sometimes you hit the jackpot and are blessed with a group of them – a friend consortium. We moved to our home months before my son was born and a year later I was struggling to find friends. I had joined a few playgroups for […]

Stuffing-Stuffed Mushrooms


Thanksgiving is only one day away. WOAH! Let the craziness begin. If you are like everyone else running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to get your house clean, making sure you have a meal plan ready, getting your Thanksgiving table set (if you need a centerpiece idea- check out our […]

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