Something Fishy: Carlson for Kids Fish Oil Review


Let me state for the record that I have no medical degrees, so my opinions of this product are based solely on my experiences with fish oil consumption, as well as the experiences of my children. Our stories are pretty unique, however, so I reckon that lends at least a modicum of credibility to this […]

Banana Coffee Cake with Spice Glaze


Why is coffee cake so delicious? Is it because it comes alongside a mug of coffee or cup of tea? Is it the light, fluffy cake, or the crunchy sugary topping? Is it subtle spice, or sticky glaze? Yes. Yes to all of those. Coffee cake is one of those treats that is always good, […]

The Art of Mealtime with a Toddler


Ask any parent of a toddler how they feel about their child’s eating habits and you’re likely to end up in a conversation about the woes of a picky eater.  The food behaviors of a toddler remain a mystery to most and this is yet another area where it is difficult to get a consensus […]

Cucumbers, Beneficial to Every Day Life


I grew up doing cucumber facial masks with my mom, I know of people who put cucumber slices in their water, or eat cucumber in their salad but I was shocked when I found out how beneficial cucumbers are, and not only a benefit to our health by eating them, also to our every day […]

Feeling Fishy Tonight?


Most people have their favorites when it comes to dinners, one of mine is any dinner that involves any type of seafood, especially fish. The best kind is when my husband gets back from a fishing trip, he cleans scales them, cleans them, then hands them to me to cook. Does not get any fresher […]

Taking Care of You


Moms hear this all the time. If you are the one who takes care of everyone else, you have to take care of yourself as well. Do we do it? I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t. Recently, a friend of mine told a story about ignoring a painful tooth for a year. […]

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