Parenting Made Easy


 Lord knows parenting isn’t easy, especially with multiples. If you’re like me, you feel like you’re losing your mind 87.6% of the time and the other 12.4% you’re trying to sleep. Well, here are a few ideas to make your life, and parenting, just a little easier. Every child wants unlimited access to Mommy and […]

Memorial Day, Not National BBQ Day!


For many kids today, the real meaning behind Memorial Day is lost. They know that they get a three day weekend, they know mommy and daddy also have a three day weekend as well, they know pool parties and BBQs, and trips to the beach happen over Memorial Day weekend. If you ask my daughter […]

The Key to a Happy Mother’s Day


This year I will be celebrating my 15th Mother’s Day as a mom myself.  I’ve learned a few things over the years that I thought might be worth sharing. The biggest thing I’ve learned about Mother’s Day is that much like other holidays, it’s pretty hard for the day to live up to the hype […]

What Do You Do When You Don’t Like Their Friend?


As a mom one of the hardest things I’ve dealt with has been when my children have a new friend who absolutely drives me crazy!  This has happened for a variety of different reasons.  My daughter once was friends with our next door neighbor’s little girl who would show up at our house all hours […]

The Surprises of Parenting


One summer day, as I held my breath beneath a flimsy paper blanket, my heart almost exploded when two tiny flickers of life appeared on an ultrasound screen.  I knew I was ready to be a mother, but twins?!?  Surprise! Now my twins are three.  I thought thatafter three years (and one more baby)I would […]

I Do it MYSELF!!


My little one is heavy into a “myself” phase. She just turned two about two months ago, and I do remember from my first that this stage is both endearing and frustrating. Independence is a beautiful thing. I, of course, want her to be able to dress herself, to butter her own bagel, to cap […]

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