DIY for the DIY Impaired


For those of you that are DIY impaired it can be quite troublesome when faced with a DIY project that seems oh so easy, yet oh so difficult.  Well you are not alone! As a designer, I think I am expected to be a DIY Diva, I am full of ideas, but not the best […]

Keeping it Clean: 5 Things My Mother Taught Me


For the majority of the time I lived at home, my Mama didn’t work (outside the house). Even now, she runs the house, volunteers, is active at church, and has a great social life. As busy as she is, her house is always immaculate. You can tell people live there (the couches aren’t covered in […]

Super Hero


As I sit here trying to decide what I am going to write.  I feel overwhelmed.  This is my first contributing author post.  What do I talk about? What do I say?  I have so many thoughts running through my head.  I want it to be perfect, I want it to touch people, I want […]

Have You Ever Received a Mom Compliment?


I’ll never forget the parent teacher conference for my daughter when she was in first grade.  It doesn’t matter that it occurred eight years ago, or that she is no longer in elementary school but rather in high school.  Of all the parent conferences I have had for my two children that’s the one that […]

Being a Mom is Hard Work, and That’s an Understatement!


When I became a mother I knew that it was life changing, I knew that it was hard work, I knew there would be days when I thought I wasn’t up to the task. I didn’t know that those days would have a way of sneaking up on you and completely knocking you off balance. […]

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