Bicycles, They Are Not All Created Equally


Is your child in need of a bicycle? If so, look no further! If you all have not noticed yet… my family and I are outdoors people. Our favorite place to be is outside. It does not take much to make us happy, we could be playing in the backyard, on a boat, swimming, going […]

Financial Reasons to Invest in Cloth Diapers


When some people think of cloth diapers, they envision some hipster method of saving the planet. Although these items do encourage such behavior, it’s not the only reason why you should consider using them. There are financial reasons why cloth diapers are superior to disposable ones and the savings you could experience can make using […]

You’re Doing Just Fine, Mama


Long gone are the days of waking up at 5 am, quietly drinking a cup of hot coffee while listening to the morning news, enjoying my time getting ready to be at work by 8 o’clock, ready to conquer the world. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still up at 5 am… but I’m walking groggily […]

Spring Brunch is Entertainment for the Whole Family!


Everybody loves a brunch!  there’s no better excuse to eat bacon and pastries well into the afternoon then a brunch.  Spring is also a perfect time to schedule a brunch because of the beautiful weather.  As our babies started growing, our “family” got bigger to include our new mom friends and new baby friends.  We […]

Unique Events and Gift ideas for Dads on Father’s Day 2014


My husband is celebrating his first Father’s Day this year, and I want to make it special and memorable for him. If you are at all like me, then you are having trouble coming up with something different and unique, and not the standard breakfast in bed or round of golf (though those are perfectly […]

7 Secrets your Stepkids Wish you Knew


I have worked with a lot of kids whose parents are divorced and are remarried to someone with kids. And they tell me stuff. Heartbreaking stuff. What I know for sure is no matter what their age or background, kids in “blended families” have very similar thoughts, fears and desires. Here are 7 of the […]

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