What Do You Do When You Don’t Like Their Friend?


As a mom one of the hardest things I’ve dealt with has been when my children have a new friend who absolutely drives me crazy!  This has happened for a variety of different reasons.  My daughter once was friends with our next door neighbor’s little girl who would show up at our house all hours […]

Tips for Helping Your Clingy Child

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We all want our children to love us to the moon and back again forever and ever, of COURSE. But when our super loving and snuggly baby who we just can’t get enough of grows to be a toddler that is so clingy and attached to us that we just want a moment’s peace alone, […]

Label Your Bottles in Style

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With all the brilliant engineering minds out there designing products for children, sometimes it simply takes an experienced and imaginative mom to come up with a simple but genius idea for a new kid product. After all, who knows better what will make life easier for kids and parents than an actual parent? So, we’re […]

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