Water Play Table Is a Must for Summer Fun


Now that summer is (finally) around the corner, we’ve brought our son’s water table up from the basement so that it can once again reclaim its rightful position of front and center on our family’s deck. As a child of the 80s, I used to think that those requisite blue plastic kiddie pools or a […]

Reading Rainbow for the iPad


We all know how technology can be a total time & mind trap for little ones – once they get on it, there is a fight to get them off.  When I found out about Reading Rainbow, I was really impressed with the selection of materials for all ages and interests.  So how does it […]

Product Review – The Parenting & Education Website: 1plus1plus1equals1.com


A few years ago while perusing my Pinterest feed I came across a link to free homeschooling printable packs. I did not homeschool my daughter nor was she even school age but the printable pages caught my attention. I spent the next few hours completely in love with this website and everything she offered. I […]

Vidalia Chop Wizard Review


If you have kids you have to cook, it’s inevitable.  For me it’s not just a necessity but also an enjoyment. There’s a true art to it. The problem is, if you have a busy home life cooking can be time consuming and stressful. Do you ever wish you could find a great kitchen gadget […]

Safety 1st: Turning A Bad Situation Into A Good One


When my son was first able to move around on his own the first thing I did was baby proof the house, including putting the Safety 1st Secure Press Plug Protectors into the open outlets. The Safety 1st Secure Press Plug Protectorsworked fine for a little over a year and my son usually didn’t give […]

Ecology Works Anti-Allergy Solution

anti allergen solution

I never had allergies when I was younger, but after turning 40 it seemed like my whole system changed and suddenly I became so congested during times of high pollen and I started getting irritated by allergens. I was most upset because my own beloved cat began to make me congested and watery-eyed at times. […]

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