Three Easy Ways to Teach Your Kids How To Be a Good Friend


I just had an amazing weekend with five of my best friends. We talked. We listened. We laughed. We cried. We explored. We stayed put. We dreamed. We planned. We have been friends for a long time. And I can’t imagine a time when we won’t be friends. We’ve been together through weddings and babies […]

DIY: I Love You Frame


Kids love knowing that they’re loved. It’s important to remind them daily. But sometimes we forget, and sometimes we might just not be in the mood to give out warm fuzzies. The project I’m sharing today is an easy way to give kids a visible reminder of the fact that you love them – and […]

Sorry, Dear, But You Can’t Be Friends With Her


Recently one of my dear daughters has started using the word “whatever” all the time. “I don’t care” also seems to be a new staple to her snarky vocabulary. This usually goes along with an eye roll. While I know this behavior is common in girls, it is way outside of the norm for this […]

He Let Me Do It


Enter now to win a copy of “I Just Want to Be Alone”! Let me tell you why I have an awesome marriage with an awesome husband. No, we don’t have a weekly date night. No, he doesn’t bring me flowers. No, he doesn’t spoil me, pamper me, treat me like a queen every day. […]

Stop Pointing Your Finger


 This is not an easy subject to tackle or even one that many like to touch upon or discuss. As always I never shy away from real life or from any opportunity to have a teaching moment with my daughter. She is close to turning nineteen (19) years old now and entering a new stage […]

Cyber Friendships and Family Celebrations


In this new century of online media AND everything it stands to reason that we can make as many online friendships as IRL ones. Before facebook had us hooked up to everyone we’ve ever met since middle school, we had to stay in contact via phone and face to face meetings. We even had to […]

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