Why I Have My Sons’ Toys Held Hostage in the Garage


My sons (six and four) used to occasionally fight over toys and their willingness to share them, but for the most part they played together quite happily. In fact, I had thought we reached a place where I could actually get things done around the house and occasionally work on my blog because they were […]

Fostering a Healthy Sibling Rivalry


I grew up with two younger sisters, and I am now raising sisters.  However, when I first found out I was having a second child I worried about the rivalry or competiveness towards one another they might experience.  I don’t want one to ever feel like she is not as good as the other. Everyone […]

Help Your Kids Learn Family Ties

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One of the biggest reasons we all look so forward to the holidays is because it’s the one time of year when we get to spend time with our extended family members that we might not get to see very often. If you’ve got siblings that are strewn about the country, it’s more important than […]

Organize a Fun Family Field Day

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You want your kids to be active and a little competition isn’t bad so why not set up a family field day? This little concept works great if you have 2 or more children or perhaps if your own siblings have kids, it’s a good cousin bonding activity. What you basically want to do is […]

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