Super Simple Stencils for a Kid’s Room

If you’re decorating your baby’s soon-to-be nursery or re-doing your child’s bedroom to suit his or her ever-changing taste, stencils are the low cost way to fabulous! For the price of a couple gallons of paint and a stencil pattern you can make the room look like it was painted by a professional.


You can buy stencils online or in any craft store. They range from subtle borders that run along the wall just below the ceiling to large designs that take up almost an entire wall. You can find any pattern that suits your child from butterflies to dinosaurs and everything in between. If your child has a favorite nursery rhyme or story character, there is undoubtedly a stencil of it out there.


Make sure that the room is painted the base color you want, then simply follow the instructions on the stencil, placing it on the wall and a painting over it in a color that will contrast nicely with your base color. When the stencil is removed, you’re left with a design that looks like you hired an artist to bring your child’s walls to life.