Get The Whole Family Involved


Putting together a scavenger hunt would be a great idea to keep everyone entertained for a while. Not only the kids, but also the adults too. If you include items that they are sure to be able to find, although they may have to look hard, it makes them a lot of fun and entertaining […]

Fun and Educational Family Day


You may be racking your brain for fun and educational ideas to do with the kids over the summer! My daughter, my father and I visited Gatorland in Orlando, Fl today. I highly recommend visiting if you are in Orlando on vacation, or if you live here like we do and are just looking for fun […]

Water Play Table Is a Must for Summer Fun


Now that summer is (finally) around the corner, we’ve brought our son’s water table up from the basement so that it can once again reclaim its rightful position of front and center on our family’s deck. As a child of the 80s, I used to think that those requisite blue plastic kiddie pools or a […]

Backyard Fun, Just In Time For Summer


Warm weather should bring more time spent outdoors. My family’s favorite recreational activities are usually outdoor fun. The warm weather rolls around, of course, you can get a pool, or hang out under an umbrella with some ice-cold lemonade or Popsicle, but how fun would it be to spice the backyard fun up a bit? […]

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Make Some “Firefly” Jars to Light up the Night

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If you’re planning on having an outdoor party in your backyard anytime this summer and there’s a chance the festivities will last into the nighttime hours, you’ll need a way to light your backyard for your party guests. Here’s a chance to get your kids involved in helping you make some decorations for your evening […]

Play Ball!

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The warmer weather brings with it exciting thoughts of spring and summer fun. We instantly want to be outside, feeling the sunshine on our faces as much as possible. Kids get really excited to get out of the house after being cooped up all winter and to play outside. Springtime also means the return of […]

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