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A few years ago while perusing my Pinterest feed I came across a link to free homeschooling printable packs. I did not homeschool my daughter nor was she even school age but the printable pages caught my attention. I spent the next few hours completely in love with this website and everything she offered. I […]

Building a Love for Reading


As a teacher of literature, it is sometimes really hard for me to understand why kids don’t want to read. I love books. Reading is such a wonderful way to grow and learn. My mother sparked my love of reading. I remember seeing her at night totally engrossed in a novel and always wondered what […]

The Importance of Enforcing Organization with Children


Now, just as all adults are not created equal in disposition and personality not all children are either. I have two children and one of them was always willing and capable to help from a very young age and the other one was always more of a hard sell. This child was pickier about what […]

5 Tips for Expecting and New Mothers


When I was pregnant, strangers would stop me in the street oozing with parenting advice or tips. “Try this”, “remember that”.  It hardly ever stopped. I was always appreciative, but often wondered what in the world would really be worth knowing when my baby arrived: Start as you mean to go on. By this I […]

Parental Omnipotence


Over twenty years of parenting I have, little by little, been disabused of the belief in parental omnipotence; I have learned that behaviour, and how children turn out, is the result of a wonderful kind of alchemy of parental influence, genetic inheritance, experience, and cultural and peer group influence. There is no simple cause and […]

Teaching Your Child to Drive

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When your child approaches the time when they’ll be taking driver’s education classes and getting their driver’s permit it’s completely natural for you to become a bit overwhelmed with worry about your precious baby taking off alone in a car for the first time. But here’s a little something to help you stop worrying about […]

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