Raising Toddlers in a Screen Free Home


When our first son was born my husband and I made the decision to abide by the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendation for media use and go screen free for the first two years.  We’ve never once regretted this decision and now with two toddlers (19 months and almost 3 1/2) we continue to live […]

Why I Have My Sons’ Toys Held Hostage in the Garage


My sons (six and four) used to occasionally fight over toys and their willingness to share them, but for the most part they played together quite happily. In fact, I had thought we reached a place where I could actually get things done around the house and occasionally work on my blog because they were […]

Growing Up and Outgrowing


I remember when we bought this little kitchen set for the girl child as a Christmas present many years ago. It was such a big deal…then. She was so excited about it. Now, many years later, I can’t remember the last time that I saw anyone playing with it. It sits in the corner of […]

Three Ways to Make Room for New Christmas Toys

make room for toys

We always make an effort to keep Christmas gifts low key but with three children, two sets of grandparents and a handful of aunts, uncles and cousins, even with each other getting the girls one small gift each, our living room on December 26th tends to look a lot like the local Toys R Us. […]

Laser Pegs & Why We Love ‘Em!


My son was never big into the Lego craze, he had a few sets but was never excited by then or very ‘into’ them if you know what I mean.  We used to build with those Mega Blocks all the time, but that was more about creative play than building a designated thing.  I think […]

All Aboard the Lionel Polar Express!

download (14)

We all know the drill when it comes to Christmas toys. Every year there is that list of “gotta have it” toys and we all race to make sure we get one of these must have items for our kids or else Christmas will be positively ruined. This year there are a few of toys […]

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