Two Pantry Must-Haves


For several years I have been a huge advocate for Apple Cider Vinegar. I, personally, use it on my animals, for my children and I for health care reasons, on my salads, and any miscellaneous requirements around our house (such as non toxic cleansing/disinfecting, bug control) etc. During my most recent pregnancy I started drinking […]

Conquering Your Pregnancy Weight Gain


If becoming pregnant and carrying a baby was not a hard enough toll on our bodies the amount of weight gain some women have to deal with afterwards is nothing short of torture. Weight gain in pregnancy is inevitable but for many a few pounds can turn into stones making you not always feel entirely […]

Rafflecopter Giveaway for IdealShape!


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IdealShape-Great for Losing That Baby Weight!


Having trouble losing that extra baby weight? Or if you’re like me, having trouble losing that five year old child of yours baby weight? I may have a solution for you; IdealShape. I have tried several different weight lose programs over the past few years ranging from Weight Watchers to Hydroxycut supplements and even the […]

Me Vs. The Fat Girl


How much do you weigh?  No really, I want to know. What?  You’d rather not say?  It’s just a number though, right?  Like a shoe size or your birthdate.  It’s just another number. But it’s not really just another number, is it?  In true Maria Kang fashion, we feel obligated to have an excuse for […]

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