Take the Scary out of Movies for Your Children

During the month of October leading up to Halloween it seems like scary movies are absolutely everywhere, from movie theaters to our television sets. And even if we keep our little ones from watching scary movies they often see commercials for these horror flicks or may catch snippets of something scary at someone else’s house.

Some kids seem to be born naturally brave and love all things spooky and scary from a young age. Other children are more sensitive, and scary sights may stick with them and even cause them to have trouble sleeping. You know your children better than anyone, and if you have a little one who gets frightened easily, you may want to talk to them about horror movies and all the scary things they may see during the Halloween season. Explain to them the difference between movies and reality; remind them that movie characters are actors playing dress up the same way your child plays dress up on Halloween. If your child understands that scary movies are just tricks and not real it will help them relax and enjoy the season.

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