The Customizable Spring Flowers Birthday Outfit

In those few fleeting years that you get to dress your little princess up in cute clothes you have to take every opportunity you can. So when your little girl reaches that important first birthday Beana Baby Boutique  has produced the perfect outfit for her party. The Spring Flowers Birthday outfit is an adorable little onesie with a built in soft cotton tutu. This outfit is colorful, while still remaining understated. It has an adjustable waistband, so it should comfortably fit most 1 year olds. The body of the onesie comes in white, black or pink, while the matching tutu is hot pink with aqua and lime tulle accented with a multi-colored bow.


As this is for your princess’s first birthday it has a cute little number 1 on the front with colorful flower accents and if you choose you can have her name added. Along with the onesie and attached tutu the set is made complete with a matching headband or hairbow to make it all the more adorable. This outfit is fully customizable for your daughter, so not only will she look precious in her birthday outfit and all the pictures you take, but it will serve as a lasting memory and keepsake.


The whole outfit is produced with excellent quality and designed to be comfortable so your princess will stay happy. Your daughter will only turn one once and the number of years that you get to choose her birthday outfit are limited. Therefore you have to choose something adorable and cute that will make the family smile years later when you leaf through the family album.  Be sure to check out all the birthday outfits at Beana Baby Boutique ; you are sure to find the perfect birthday outfit.


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